Barbara Potter, AFP

Award Winning and Published Photographer

2018 NIMA (Nashville Industry Music Award) Winner for "Best Photographer"

(Nominated also in 2019 & 2020 winner will be announced in late Aug. 2020)

Member of the Professional Photographers of America, Tennessee Professional Photographers Association ( Treasurer), Professional Photographers of Middle Tennessee , past member of Professional Photographers of Washington(Treasurer).

My Passion

Passion # 1-The Camera/Photography

For as long as I can remember, I have been a shutter bug. My first camera I bought was a little toy-like spy camera that was the size of a matchbox. It had little rolls of film and was a lot of fun to use. Thinking back now, it was probably where my love for candid shots was born!

My father Moe was a shutter bug too! He taught me how to develop pictures in our basement closet which was made into a makeshift dark room. It was magical process as we patiently waited for the black and white photographs to come alive under the amber glow. This is where my love for black and white photography came from and to this day I love to create black and white images! I hope to get back into the dark room again in the near future!!

Passion #2 - Music
Fast forward many years. While I had a successful career in the corporate logistics world for 30 years, my photography was always in the back ground. I was always the one in the group taking pictures of everyone and everything. Two major events changed my life forever. I met my husband Ben in 2008. He is a singer/songwriter. Since music is my other passion, I was in heaven when I started shooting his performances! 

Music and Photography IS pure magic FOR ME!!! We made many trips to Nashville until in early 2014 we decided to get an apartment so we could spend a little more time in Music City. We now split our time between Seattle and Nashville. In 2013 my corporate work life came to an abrupt end. But it was a true blessing in disguise as I now am able to pursue my passion for photography and work as a professional photographer!


My Father, Moe, also also instilled music in us kids.  Every Sunday after Sunday school, we got to go to the BX and pick out a 45 record!!! Pretty cool!!!

Passion #3 - Relationships
I know it sounds cliché, but I love working with and interacting with people!!! I believe that it is the key to capturing beautiful images. It is creating trust and comfort so the unique beauty in each person shines through!

My number one goal during a shoot is to provide YOU with an experience that you will enjoy while feeling comfortable, relaxed and having fun!

Let's talk on the phone or meet for a cup of coffee and discuss what type of photo shoot YOU would like to have!! In addition to head shots and lifestyle portraiture, I also photograph events, engagements, weddings, family, seniors, head shots, boudoir, musician/artist/band performance, promo shots, website marketing shots and social media shots.

Passion #4- Travel
I absolutely love to travel!! I am open to traveling to various locations. I have had photography projects in Europe (5 countries) as well as Seattle, Portland, Phoenix, Las Vegas, New York, Florida and Nashville. Let's find the perfect spot for YOU! 

I look forward to meeting you and creating images and  an experience that you will treasure!


Awards and Accolades:

2016 Professional Photographers of Washington- Recipient of Best Portrait

4 of 4 entries earned Merits

2016 Professional Photographers of America:  International Print Competition:  2 Merited images in General Collection


2017 Professional Photographers of Washington- Recipient of Best Portrait 

4 of 4 entries earned Merits

2017  Professional Photographers of America:  International Print Competition:  2 Merited images in General Collection


Member of Professional Photographers of America, Professional Photographers of Washington, Professional Photographers of Middle Tennessee.  Executive Board Member, Treasurer of Professional Photographers of Washington.


Director of Photography- The Connect Magazine, Nashville, TN

Staff Photographer- Lifestyle Magazine (N2 Publishing) (Historic Tacoma, Indian Summer and Mcallister-Washington State)